Best Ear Plugs for Surfing & Swimming

Best Ear Plugs for Surfing & Swimming

Do you suffer from ear related issues after spending time in or on the water? From ear ache to full blown surfers/swimmers ear. These often uncomfortable and sometimes painful ailments are extremely common. After thirty years on the water I have had my fair share of issues but the most common problem I have is ear ache after going on the water in windy conditions. This can persist for days and even weeks. I have had my ears checked a number of times by a doctor (something all regular water users should look at doing from time to time) and thankfully there is no sign of surfers/swimmers ear.

The way I manage this ear ache issue is to use ear plugs. This works as both an ongoing preventative and stops things getting worse if I have forgotten to wear ear plugs and the pain has already come.

My chosen ear plug set is called Surfears V3. These are a definite improvement on the V2 and from what I have tested the best option on the market. I find them extremely comfortable to wear and they rarely fall out. Thankfully they come with very thin gauge rubber string leashes so you won’t lose them easily. I find the standard sized inserts a good fit for me but they come with more interchangeable sizes to suit different sized ear canals. These ear plugs also allow you to hear where other ear plugs do not. Your range of hearing will definitely be reduced but it will still function. Overall a quality product that I would definitely recommend.

SurfEars are available for both adults and kids.

See you on the water,

SurfEars ear plugs with case