Woman swimming in the sea wearing a Zone3 openwater swimming wetsuit, zone3 swim hat, and zone3 goggles.


Wetsuits & Accessories for Openwater Swimming and Triathlon

World-class triathlete and World Championship winner, James Locke founded Zone3. Europe’s leading triathlon and swimming brand. Sea swimmers and triathletes can get top quality wetsuits, neoprene gloves, socks, caps and swimming googles from Zone 3.

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      Zone3 are renowned for award-winning swimming & triathlon wetsuits, swimwear, open water accessories and swim robes. Since 2006 Zone3 research, development and design is truly backed by athletic inspiration.

      Are you looking to achieve your personal best? Or are you a seasoned elite athlete like Zone3 founder James Lock, Triathlon World Championship winner? Zone3 promises to enhance your performance and enjoyment every day you commit to training in the pool or open water.

      Are you a first-timer? Honestly, anyone can give it a try. Open water swimming is for everyone. The real prize is the feeling of achievement. With the right wetsuit and swimwear, you can swim all year round.