Women's Wetsuits

Women's Wetsuits

Wetsuits for Surfing, Paddle Boarding, & Swimming

When you are surfing, paddle boarding, sea swimming or windsurfing, having the right wetsuit is key to having the best time on the water. Enjoy a relaxing paddle or an exhilirating surf, a quick dip or a long-distance swim, without having to worry about getting cold or feeling restricted. Experience freedom on the water with our range of summer and winter wetsuits.

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      Wetsuits Guide for Women

      We have selected our range of wetsuits to offer you the best choice of wetsuits for both summer and winter water sports. Whatever sport you are into, we have you covered. From head to toe in high quality neoprene wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods. Surfdock has budget, mid-price and premium wetsuits for surfing and swimming from top surf brands. Developed and tested for warmth and flexibility in the world’s best waves.

      Summer Wetsuits

      Summer wetsuits allow you to stay in the water longer while protecting you from the wind and sun’s UV rays. You can choose from a range of full length or shorty wetsuits. We also have neoprene jackets, tops and leggings that are light, flexible and stylish for summer surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

      Womens 3/2mm & 4/3mm Full-Length Wetsuits

      In Ireland full length 3/2mm wetsuits are popular for summer surfing, kayaking and SUP. While the water is still heating up and depending on the air and water temperature you may opt for a 4/3mm wetsuit. We have sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved full-length wetsuits from Rip Curl and O’Neill.

      Shorty Wetsuits

      Shorties will keep your core warm and give some protection from UV rays. A 2mm shorty wetsuit is perfect for surfing holidays in warm climates when the wind picks up or for paddle boarding at home on warm days. They are easy to pack and flexible for all day wear at the beach. Choose from short or long sleeve shorties. Long sleeved shorties are very popular for sea swimmers, not only in summer.

      Summer Wetsuit Accessories

      Neoprene doesn’t have to be boring. O’Neill and Billabong have super stylish functional jackets and leggings for summer SUP yoga and paddle boarding. Feel great and look fabulous paddle boarding in style. Team with a towelling poncho when you need to get changed out of your wetsuits.

      Winter Wetsuits

      In Europe the surf is often best when it’s cold outside. Be ready for the lowest wind and water temperatures with a 5mm ot 6mm wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots. These winter wetsuits are for the coldest water made with high quality neoprene featuring excellent flexibility and warmth. Surfdock have hooded and full-length wetsuits for surfing, windsurfing, wingfoiling, kayaking and paddle boarding.

      Womens 5/3mm & 5/4mm Full-Length Wetsuits

      Spend your time on the water enjoying winter swells in our 5/4 or 5/3 full length wetsuits, without having to worry about getting cold. Especially if you add a hood, gloves and boots. Your wetsuit is meant to feel like a second skin so make sure you get the right size.

      Hooded Wetsuits

      The warmest option for winter waves in Europe is a 6/5/4 hooded wetsuit. They are super warm because they insulate the head properly and keep you protected from cold water and wind. Pair with boots and gloves to cover up completely and keep insulated.

      Winter Wetsuit Accessories

      Keep warm in winter with the right wetsuit accessories to protect your head, body, hands and feet. We have the best selection of thermals, hoods, boots, socks and gloves for winter in European waters where it is cold and the waves are unpredictable and wild. Treat yourself to a wetsuit dryer and Dryrobe so that you always get into a dry wetsuit and can get changed quickly.