Responsible Retail - Goodbye Black Friday

Responsible Retail - Goodbye Black Friday

The countdown is on! Christmas is less than 50 days away and with it, the biggest sales event of the year-end - Black Friday.

What started as a one-day event has turned into weeks or even month-long promotions, all of which seemingly better than anything ever seen before. Black Friday will dominate your social media, the ads you see on Google and pretty much all the billboards and radio ads too.

In a year like the one that watersports retail has just had, it would be very tempting to change our stance on Black Friday. With inflation and the increased cost of living that affect us as much as our customers, we understand that a lot of people will be looking for Black Friday deals and of course, we would in the short term benefit from offering Black Friday deals ourselves.

But even though times are different to previous years when we have decided to opt out, the core principle of Black Friday has not changed - and our opinion about it has not changed either.

That's why we have decided that we will opt out this year, too.

Black Friday is not just about grabbing a bargain, it's a huge event that is flooding the market with cheap offers, trying to get consumers to buy items they don't really need or that are not suitable for their requirements - all because they are labelled ‘Black Friday deals’. But is it really a good deal to buy something you may not use or that may not last a long time?

The best deals are the ones you really need. And if you can find one of those during Black Friday, amazing. Even better if you can find a good deal from a local shop or maker to put the money back into the local economy. But you don't really need Black Friday for that and by not participating in Black Friday you don't have to miss out on good deals.

We have lots of bargains in stock, not for Black Friday, but because we make sure to have an attractive offering all year round. We sell a wide range of items from top quality brands, to offer our customers the choice, including budget-friendly options to suit every ability level.

Feel free to browse on the website or if you can't find what you're looking for, send us an email. On our website we also have lots of advice like size guides and gear guides on how to choose the right watersports equipment for you. So you don't have to buy twice and can save yourself hassle and money in the long run. Now that's a real saving!