Irish Weekend Surf Forecast

Irish Weekend Surf Forecast

Forecast for Friday 1st March through to Monday 4th March

Both coast lines will see a lot of wind over the weekend but low air temperatures coupled with wind chill will make for difficult conditions. If you have fire in your veins or a very warm wetsuit then get on it! Surf on the West coast looks good at times but you will be looking for sheltered spots on Friday and Saturday. The East coast will see some swell but no clear epic forecast.

East Coast – Dublin Area

Surf Forecast

  • Friday: Big surf for the East coast – 2.6 metres at 7 seconds from the north east. Wind will also be strong from the north east though making for bumpy conditions. Temperatures will be very low making for unfriendly conditions overall.

  • Saturday: 1 metre north swell at 5 seconds with WNW winds. It is possible there will be waves on the northern beaches but not much in the way of surf in Dublin bay. Very cold!

  • Sunday: No waves.

  • Monday: Swell will build from mid-morning reaching 2 metres at 7 seconds from the south east at 3pm. There will definitely be waves but with winds from the south east, clean conditions will be hard to find.

Wind Forecast

  • Friday: Very strong north east winds today reaching 25-42 knots by 4pm. This gives potentially epic conditions along the East coast but with the cold and snow forecast these are also very challenging conditions.

  • Saturday: 12-20 knots from the WNW up until about 2pm. Possible to get out for sure but very cold!

  • Sunday: 8-13 knots from the west in the morning before dropping off completely for the rest of the day. Enough for big gear or foiling but again very cold!

  • Monday: 18-29 knots from the south east at 11 am Stays windy right through the day but best of it will be up until 2pm. Temperatures creep up to 7 degrees making things slightly more attractive. Very good forecast in terms of wind conditions.

West Coast – Donegal Bay

Surf Forecast

  • Friday: 4.1 metres at 14 seconds from the WNW first thing building through the day. Wind is very strong from the NNE. There will be spots going off in this forecast. Just very cold conditions.

  • Saturday: 5.4 metres at 12 second swell from the north with accompanying strong northerly winds. Again there will be spots that should work but these will be sheltered wrap arounds.

  • Sunday: 2.7 metre swell at 11 seconds from the north. Winds will be southerly for a time in the morning giving good conditions along north facing coast lines. Winds swing WNW then for the day.

  • Monday: 1.6 metre northerly swell at 10 seconds will be accompanied by south east winds. Swell will turn more WNW from about 3pm and the period will increase to 12 seconds. Should be good waves to be found around Donegal bay.

Wind Forecast

  • Friday: 20-30 knots from the north east for most of the day. Great wind but freezing temperatures.

  • Saturday: 20-30 knots from the north in the morning only dropping slightly into the afternoon. Again great wind but cold over all again.

  • Sunday: 12-18 knots from the WNW from 11am on slowly increasing and turning more westerly. Potential for sure.

  • Monday: 16-24 knots from the south east at 11am. This increases slightly through the middle of the day before dropping slightly towards dark. Good day to get on the water!

NB: This is all subject to change at short notice. This being Ireland weather systems are volatile and a forecast made even the night before can change over night. Hopefully this forecast blog can give a good prediction of what will happen in the days ahead so you can plan the days you look to go on the water but it is always a good idea to check more location specific forecasting models before you go both to know what equipment to bring and for safety.


SSE – South South East
SSW – South South West
NNE – North North East
NNW – North North West
ESE – East South East
ENE – East North East
WSW – West South West
WNW – West North West