Irish Weekend Surf Forecast

Irish Weekend Surf Forecast

Forecast for Friday 24th March through to Monday 27th March.

Promising forecast for Friday on both coasts. Conditions are a bit mixed after that but there are opportunities for both wind and surf.

East Coast – Dublin Area

Surf Forecast

  • Friday: Looks like a solid East coast swell today with a 1.5 metre south swell at 7 seconds building to 2 metres at 8 seconds by 3 pm. Winds will be from the south west giving offshore conditions at many spots but very windy.

  • Saturday: Looks flat today for Dublin but might be enough for beginners down towards Wicklow. Wind will be offshore.

  • Sunday: Very small wind swell. Not much chance of waves.

  • Monday: No waves today but Tuesday and Wednesday are looking really solid.

Wind Forecast

  • Friday: 12-27 knots from the SSW at 9am building to 24-44 knots by 5pm. Wind really picks up just around lunch time. Looks like a really solid forecast.

  • Saturday: Best of the wind window will be before lunch – 14-28 knots before lunch time from the west but dropping off after 1pm.

  • Sunday: Wind from the ENE 9-15 knots. Good day for foiling or big sails and/or kites.

  • Monday: No wind today.

West Coast – Donegal Bay

Surf Forecast

  • Friday: A 2.5 metre west swell at 14 seconds will drop slowly through the day. Wind will be strong from the south giving good conditions for lots of spots around Donegal bay.

  • Saturday: 2 metre WNW swell at 10 seconds will be accompanied by westerly winds with maybe a tough of south in them. Best bet for clean waves will be along north facing coast lines.

  • Sunday: A 1.2 metre NNW swell at 9 seconds will build through the day and be accompanied by ENE winds. Should be something on exposed west and north facing beaches.

  • Monday: 1 metre NNW swell at 9 seconds. Winds will be light from the south east. Should be enough for beginners and improvers on exposed beaches.

Wind Forecast

  • Friday: Strong southerly winds – 20-33 knots at 11am turning more westerly between 1pm and 3pm. Great day for wind sports.

  • Saturday: Best of the wind will be in the morning. 16-23 knots from the WSW at 9am but by 1pm it will have dropped a lot.

  • Sunday: 11-14 knots from the ENE for pretty much the whole day. Foil potential or bigger kite or sail.

  • Monday: No wind today.

NB: This is all subject to change at short notice. This being Ireland weather systems are volatile and a forecast made even the night before can change over night. Hopefully this forecast blog can give a good prediction of what will happen in the days ahead so you can plan the days you look to go on the water but it is always a good idea to check more location specific forecasting models before you go both to know what equipment to bring and for safety.


SSE – South South East
SSW – South South West
NNE – North North East
NNW – North North West
ESE – East South East
ENE – East North East
WSW – West South West
WNW – West North West