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Whether its your first time swimming in the sea or you’re a seasoned triathlete, we have everything you need for swimming in the open water in Ireland. Our range includes lightweight and fast specialised swimming wetsuits, performance swimming goggles, neoprene socks and gloves to keep you warm, safety equipment like tow floats and lights to keep you visible in the water. If you need advice, reach us by email at with any questions.

Woman standing on a pier by lake wearing an Orca swimming wetsuit and holding an orange tow float.


Swimming Wetsuits

For sea swimmers and competition open water swimming alike, a triathlon wetsuit is designed to glide through the water for optimal speed using special coating for minimal drag. Beginner swimmers can choose a wetsuit designed for extra buoyancy for support or more experienced swimmers can choose a wetsuit for maximum speed. 

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Tow Floats

Tow floats are bright and highly recommended for open water swimmers in all bodies of water to increase visibility to other open water users. Some tow floats double up as a water storage or safety bag.

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Swimming Goggles

Choose from a range of performance googles suited to the open water or the pool. We stock polarised to reduce glare from the water, photochromatic adjust to lighting conditions, and tinted lenses reduce the brightness of pool lights.  

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Swim Caps

Keep your head warm and insulated in the cold water with a bright and visible silicone cap. Or choose a neoprene hat for the extreme cold. 

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Neoprene Gloves

When swimming in the sea or open water, prevent heat loss in cold water with a pair of neoprene gloves. Choose from 1.5mm to 5mm or use mittens for extreme cold.

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Neoprene Swim Socks

Keep your feet and toes warm in the cold water with a pair of neoprene swimming socks. Whether for competing or training in the open water, neoprene socks will also protect your feet and provide traction on course or rocky shores when running through the transition area.

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Changing Robes

Changing robes protect your modesty while getting changed at the beach or side of the road. They are also snug and warm for lounging in after a session in the water. 

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Swimming Equipment Reviews


Have had these goggles for a couple of weeks now. Using them daily, excellent fit, no leaks, don't fog up. Worth the price, will buy again when I need goggles in the future.


Bought as gift for my daughter who loves it. Does exactly what it is supposed to! Very obliging & helpful staff and excellent service at Surfdock. Highly recommend.

Nuala McGonigle

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