Why I Love My Robie Dry Series Changing Robe for Sea Swimming

Why I Love My Robie Dry Series Changing Robe for Sea Swimming

My inspiration for this weeks post comes from the sudden change in the weather or at least the weather here in Sligo where I am sat writing this. Temperatures have dropped and it is currently blowing a gale.

The secret to keeping up an open water swimming schedule in this kind of weather is to have a top quality changing robe and my personal favourite is the Robies Dry Series Long Sleeved Changing Robe.

The main features that make this changing robe so great are it's wind- and waterproof breathable outer shell, and the shearling fleece lining made from polyester micro-pile fleece. This combination will keep you warm and dry when it really matters. Pop up the oversized hood and you’re ready to brave the elements. Added bonus is that both shell and lining are made from recycled materials.

The changing robe also has multiple pockets on the inside and outside to keep your possessions dry. I love the internal microfibre pocket and often pop in a small hot water bottle on the very cold days in the middle of winter. The two outside zip pockets are lined with micro-fleece which makes them extra cosy for your hands.

I use my Robie Dry Series in conjunction with a poncho towel, so I use the poncho towel to dry off first and then throw on the Robie Dry Series to start warming up. I also wear it on the way to and from the beach and it makes a huge difference to how cold I am when I arrive home after a swim. In terms of heat generation and retention this changing robe is definitely one of the warmest ones I have used so far, you can feel that straight away when you put it on.

Not sure what size you need? Have a look at the size chart showing people of different heights wearing them so you can get an idea of what the Robie Dry Series would look like on you. You can also read our guide to how to choose the right changing robe if you would like some more advice on the picking the perfect one.

See you on the water soon,

3 ladies going sea swimming in Ireland.