New Carver Skateboard Collaborations

New Carver Skateboard Collaborations

I still remember the first time I saw a Carver skateboard in action. It wasn’t even in person. My mate had just come back from New Caledonia where he had been living and was raving about these skate boards (AKA Surfskates) that allowed you to practise your surfing on the land. We fired up youtube and found this video.

My mind was blown and I placed an order for some Carver boards straight away. Fast forward eight years and many pump and carve sessions later Carver have just launched a new collection of seriously sweet looking boards. Many old favourites are back with refreshed graphics but this new round of designs also sees a couple of watersports heaviest hitters come into the Carver fold. Kai Lenny and Jamie O’Brien have both helped design not one but two signature models – which means theres is a board there to suit every rider.

33.5" J.O.B. CAMO TIGER:

This board has a full nose kick for that locked-in feeling, and wider stance for fast carving and transition riding – as a mid length it is ideal for someone starting their Carver journey or the heavier rider.

Carver Skateboard Jamie O'Brien Camo Tiger


This classic squash tailed shape is pressed in Carver’s innovative Hyperspoon mold, which folds up on three side at the nose to hug your front foot for greater carving control - this board will be perfect for advanced carving or the lighter beginner rider.

Carver Skateboard Jamie O'Brien Blue Tiger


This stretched out double-concave board has a longer wheelbase that increases both stability and speed for a faster pump and carve. This makes it great for covering distance or for heavier riders who want a stable platform to work from.

Carver Skateboard Kai Lenny Dragon


This board will really suit advanced riders and lighter beginners looking for the ultimate carving experience. Pair it with CX trucks for rad performance in your local bowl or pump track.

Carver Skateboard Kai Lenny Lava

See you on the water soon,