Gill Marine Sustainable Edit

Gill Marine Sustainable Edit

Sailing and Outdoor Clothing with the environment in mind

For myself and Colin, sustainability plays an important role in our family life as well as our business decisions. That’s why we are delighted to have expanded our range of Gill Marine sailing clothing for this autumn/winter season.

Gill are one of the suppliers we work with who are committed to making their brand as sustainable as possible, at every step of the supply chain. We love their products. They offer premium performance without compromise while at the same time reducing the potential negative impacts of their manufacturing process on the environment.

Building garments to last

Product longevity is key to sustainability and performance. Gill engineer high quality products made from durable materials, enabling the wearer to brace the elements for longer. A product that is built to last will save you money in the long run with the added benefit that it reduces landfill.

Sourcing materials that are better for the environment

Gill only use responsibly sourced materials for their clothing range. For example the OS2 Offshore range is made from recycled PET bottles. In 2022 Gill committed to incorporating Ocean sourced plastic bottles in their manufacturing process, reducing plastic waste in the ocean as well as producing garments from recycled materials.

Packaging is improved to minimise the use of plastic

Gill’s efforts don’t stop in the sourcing of materials, they have also rethought their packaging. Their polybags are now fully recyclable and they have stopped using plastic hangers to reduce single use plastics.

Sustainable Technologies

Gill’s XPEL® DWR (durable water repellent) fabric finish is free of PFCs (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) to reduce each garment’s impact on the environment. XPEL® offers excellent levels of water repellency and prolongs the life-cycle of the product. It is also stain resistant and odour controlling and is guaranteed for 30 washes.

The Sustainable Edit

With their new Sustainable Edit range of sailing gear, Gill Marine make it easy to choose products that offer top level performance without costing the earth.

It is not easy for manufacturers, retailers or end users to navigate the pitfalls and opportunities presented by a greener manufacturing supply chain.

That is why when one of our existing suppliers makes the commitment to change we try to support them and make their more eco-friendly offering available to you. Gill Marine, like many manufacturers, are still in a transition phase but as customers we can help them make that green transition faster by being selective in our own purchasing.