Top 5 Watersports Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Is it too early to mention the C* word? We're just about 8 weeks away from the main event and have picked our favourite Christmas gift ideas to give you some early inspiration. 

1. Changing Robes

North core Beach Basha Changing Robe

Our all-time favourite gift and must-have essential for anyone who is into watersports has to be the Northcore Beach Basha in Adults or Kids sizes. Gone are the days of trying to cover up with a towel while trying to change at the beach or by the pool. Throw over the Beach Basha and just get changed underneath. 

The adult version comes in three colours - blue, black and grey. The kids version which is suitable for children up to 12 years comes in blue. 

2. Dakine Point Backpack

Dakine Point Wet/Dry

We have just added the Dakine range of technical backpacks to the shop and are very impressed with their functionality and design. My current favourite is the Point 29L Wet/Dry, because of the tons of space it offers and the waterproof compartment that keeps my wet gear separate (and everything else dry!) It comes with a fleece lined pocket for sunglasses and skateboard carry straps, all very handy features for on the go.

3. Boots, Hoods, Gloves

O'Neill Heat Boot 5mm Round Toe

You can never go wrong with these absolutely essential kit items. One of my top picks this season is the O'Neill Heat Boot (5mm round toe), a soft boot with straps and firewall lining. Depending on the temperatures gloves range in thickness, check out the O'Neill 1.5mm Psycho DL Glove or O'Neill 3mm SLX Glove. If you are looking for a budget option the Typhoon 3mm Neo Glove are the way to go. Hoods also come in different thicknesses, 1.5mm for milder days and 3mm for the depth of winter.

4. Indo Board Balance Boards

Indo Board Balance Board

Not technically a watersports item but a great tool to improve your balance and work out your core which will definitely be of benefit to any boardsport you might be into. The Indo Boards come in some lovely designs and you can choose between a roller and a cushion (or both) depending on which exercises you would like to do with them. 

5. Carver Skateboards

Carver Skateboards

Again, not a watersports item, but Carver Skateboards are hands down the best alternative to surfing if you either don't fancy getting into the water when it's too cold or can't make it to the surf breaks as often as you'd like.