Surfers Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Surfers Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Take the hassle out of your Christmas shopping with our handy Christmas gift ideas. We have compiled our favourite products for surfers, paddleboarders, windsurfers and open water swimmers to suit every budget from stocking fillers to that stand-out present for a very special person. To start, here comes our Surfers Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019.

Surfers Christmas Gift Guide 2019 - Surfdock

Surfers Gift Guide Christmas 2019

You are looking for a present for the surfer in your life? Take some inspiration from our favourite products for winter 2019 for surfers.

Stocking Fillers

O’Neill Epic 5mm Boot


O’Neill Epic 5mm Boot - Surfdock

Neoprene Boots are an essential for every surfer and to get through Ireland’s coldest season, you will need a 5mm boot or warmer. The Epic boot is our bestselling boot for all year round and is sure to keep your toes nice and cosy.

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Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs


Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs - Surfdock

Prevent surfer’s ear and other cold water related ear problems with ear plugs. The Surf Ears 3.0 are the top product on the market.

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SexWax and Box

From €3.50

 SexWax surf wax and Box - Surfdock

Who doesn’t love the smell of coconut! SexWax surf wax and the box that keeps it dry and clean and comes with the wax comb, no messy wax bars in the car. Complete the accessory stash with a SexWax air freshener for the car.

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Good Vibes Cookbook


Shells Café Good Vibes Cookbook - Surfdock

Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle and Jane and Myles who run Shells Café in Sligo have successfully translated this into several cookbooks. Their latest one has some fantastic recipes, like the Turmeric and Ginger Smoothie that is an absolute favourite in this house (ranking closely behind the jam donuts that are just so delicious!).

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Northcore Beach Basha Changing Robe

From €32.00

Northcore Beach Basha Changing Robe - Surfdock

Get changed under cover of this hooded changing robe and keep your modesty intact. No need to awkwardly change with a towel. We love the towel material of this one, it dries really well and holds up great even after many many washes.

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Klean Kanteen Reusable Water Bottles

From €19.00

Klean Kanteen Reusable Water Bottles - Surfodck

No one wants to be that person that stops at the petrol station en route to their favourite surf spot to buy some bottled water and Klean Kanteen’s high quality reusable steel bottles are perfect to bring your own water/drinks to the beach. Check out the full range for other handy items like their Food Canisters to carry soup or other meals.

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Big Treats

Dryrobe Advance Changing Robe

From €120.00

 Dryrobe Advance Changing Robe - Surfdock

The premium changing robe that will keep you warm too and not just while you’re getting changed. The waterproof outer combined with a cosy inside is the perfect combination for cold days at the beach. Comes in lots of different colours that you’ll love.

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O’Neill wetsuit with Technobutter 3 neoprene

From €260.00

O’Neill wetsuit with Technobutter 3 neoprene - Surfdock

Technobutter 3 is hands down the warmest, stretchiest and quickest drying neoprene we’ve ever experienced, and O’Neill have a range of wetsuits for men, women and children made from this amazing material. Which one you go for will depend on your budget, ranging from €260 for our bestselling Hyperfreak 5/4+ upwards. You can be sure for these to be a hit no matter which one you go for!

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Catch Surf Jamie O'Brien Odysea Log Soft Surfboard


Catch Surf Jamie O'Brien Odysea Log Soft Surfboard - Surfdock

This would be sure to make a surfer’s Christmas extra special, whether they are a beginner moving on from lessons or have been at it a while and are looking to maximise wave count. This 7ft board will be perfect for both! And we are absolutely loving the design.