Ready for your holiday at the beach or pool - at home and abroad

Ready for your holiday at the beach or pool - at home and abroad

Whether you're travelling alone, with friends or family, the key to making the most of your time at the beach is to come prepared. Bring your wetsuits, UV protection and water shoes with you and you'll be able to jump right in, not having to look for shops or even worse - not finding what you are looking for. 

We went to Lanzarote with the family and brought wetsuits and rash vests for everyone and I loved getting up in the morning and being instantly ready for some fun on the water! 

Here is what I would pack for my sun holiday:

1. Wetsuit

Especially when you want to go into the sea - bring a wetsuit for everyone who may be going in the water. We have shorties and full suits for all ages from size 1 (baby) to XLT mens.

If it's warm where you go - 3/2 summer wetsuits will do the trick, if you're holidaying in Ireland, you should consider 5/4 or 5/3 winter thickness wetsuits to make sure you can enjoy the water without feeling cold too quick.


2. UV Protection tops/Rash Vests

Of course, sun screen is absolutely essential but I find that especially for kids it's great to have rash vests that you just throw on like a T-shirt. The ones we sell from O'Neill have SPF 50+ and come in long and short sleeved. They are perfect for adults too - maybe you're going somewhere so warm that a wetsuit would be too warm when you're paddleboarding or surfing - in that case rash vests are what you need. 


3. Waterproof Key/Phone Pouch

This will really come in so handy no matter where you go and what you do, but especially if you're going on the water on your own - it's safest to bring your phone with you in case of an emergency. They also great to store your own or your rental car key when you hop in for a surf. 

4. Changing Robes for everyone on the trip

I never go anywhere without mine, whether it's the pool or the beach. They make such a big difference, being able to change without being worried about your modesty. They'll also keep you warm when you come out of the water - they are an absolute essential item to have. We have a huge range of them in stock and there is something for everyone - have a browse.

5. Booties or water shoes

If you're at a rocky beach a pair of water shoes for the kids is a life saver. Minimise the danger of them hurting their feet when running into the water. If you're holidaying where the water temperature isn't that warm - they will come in great to give a bit of extra warmth, perfect!

6. Life jackets / buoyancy aids

Depending on what you do and the swimming ability of the person you're buying for, I would recommend to get a life jacket or buoyancy aid before you go away. Imagine arriving at your holiday spot and not being able to go on the water because you didn't bring them. 

7. Swim Aids

For our last trip I brought a selection of Schlori Swim Aids and Zoggs Superpower Vests which were fantastic to have with us. If you have non-swimmers in the family and want to spend some time in the pool or at the beach swim aids are absolutely essential.

8. Little bits and pieces that might not be available at your holiday spot

Like surf wax, fin key, back up leash, sun screen, reusable water bottles or snorkel/mask sets.