Our top 5 cold season accessories you just can't go without!

It's getting cold out there, but as long as you have the right wetsuit (check out our lowdown on the O'Neill 2016 range here) and accessories to go with it you'll be well prepared for what the Irish winter can throw at you.

1. O'Neill Thermals

O'Neill Thermal | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Whether you go for the hooded vest or a thermal top, you'll be sure to feel warm and cosy in your wetsuit. 

2. Crescendo Ear Plugs

Crescendo Ear Plugs | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Cold winter winds and low water temperatures are the main causes of surfers ear. Ear plugs are inexpensive and the perfect way to prevent that from happening.

3. Mutant Boot

O'Neill Mutant Boot Internal Split Toe 654 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Arguably the warmest neoprene boot in the O'Neill range and a long standing favourite of the Surfdock team this 6/5/4 internal split toe boot comes highly recommended. It's super flexible at the same time, giving you a great feel and balance on your board while keeping your toes toasty. 

4. Hangair

Hangair | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Hate the feeling of putting on a wet and cold wetsuit? The Hangair guarantees a nicely dried wetsuit at the start of every new surfing day! Blowing cold air through your suit, it will dry over night without damaging the neoprene. 

5.  Rigging Jacket

O'Neill Icebreaker Jacket | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Whether you windsurf and want to be warm while rigging your gear or just enjoy a post surf chat on the beach, get yourself a rigging jacket. Keeping out the wind and warming you up with an extra layer of neoprene they are the perfect accessory if you need to hang around in your wetsuit for a while.