Why Choose the O'Neill Mutant Legend Wetsuit?

Why Choose the O'Neill Mutant Legend Wetsuit?

O’Neills Mutant wetsuit has been a long running classic. The idea of a transforming wetsuit that allowed you to effortlessly transition between an integrated hooded and non hooded wetsuit was genius on the part of the O’Neill R&D team. It is always a tough choice for surfers that want to surf through the Autumn and Winter but don’t want to have two wetsuits - a 5/4 or a hooded 6/4. What is the best combination? A separate hood is fine but it doesn’t give quite the level of performance that a fully hooded suit does. The Mutant solved that equation and gave surfers the best of both worlds.

In our shop we found this suit appealed to surfers of all persuasions and also windsurfers, kitesurfers and surf instructors because it offered amazing warmth and bomb-proof construction - making long stints in the water a breeze. As the years went by and O’Neill introduced Technobutter neoprene throughout it’s wetsuit range the Mutant started to feel a little bit left behind. Classic neoprene is great but when there is something even better on offer in terms of warmth, stretch and reduced drying times it becomes a harder sell.

Thankfully two seasons ago O’Neill revamped the Mutant in an all Technobutter construction and the Mutant Legend was born. This suit is all singing and all dancing, containing the best features of O’Neills famous Psycho Tech range but putting it’s own spin on it. If you are someone that spends a lot of time in the water and wants premium levels of warmth, flexibility and with the possibility of having a dry wetsuit every morning then I would strongly recommend this suit.

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