Man surfing a cruisy wave on an NSP Longboard

NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard Gear Guide

My favourite board in our long board range is the NSP Elements 8ft or 8ft 6in. These boards both offer great longboard style performance for the smaller rider or a mini-mal/longboard experience for the heavier surfer. For me at 75 kg the 8ft 6inch model allows me to catch cruisy waves and practise a little bit of cross stepping and maybe place a few toes on the nose. Both these boards are wave catching machines and really make the most of smaller conditions but can handle a bit of size too. They offer a really fun ride for the more advanced surfer looking for mid sized log.

For beginner surfers both boards offer a really stable platform. This makes paddling for waves, practising popups and trimming on your first open face wave a breeze. They are the ideal first time board if you are stepping off a school foamie. The good news is that the Elements construction is NSP’s strongest so you are investing in a board that will last a surfing lifetime. NSP have also pioneered the use of eco friendly bio-resins so your board is that bit kinder to the planet.  

You can also read our guide to how to choose the right surfboard if you would like some more advice on the picking the perfect surfboard for you.

See you on the water soon,

Man in wetsuits waling on shore carrying his NSP Surfboard