New O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit Review

New O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit Review

O’Neill’s newest evolution of Technobutter neoprene has arrived

When O’Neill announced a new development in the pipelines, we knew this was something to be excited about. Here at Surfdock we love our Technobutter 3 wetsuits, so naturally we couldn’t wait to see what the newest evolution of O’Neill’s flagship wetsuit material would look like. And we have not been disappointed!

Technobutter 4 explained

Technobutter 4 has officially arrived, warmer, more flexible and more sustainable than its predecessors. Made from recycled yarns, Technobutter 4 neoprene is used in three different versions in the new Hyperfreak Fire wetsuit.

TB4x: The softest and stretchiest neoprene, lined with recycled graphene fibres for incredible stretch. This is used in the arms and the chest zip entry, for unrestricted paddling.

TB4 Firewall: The all new Technobutter 4 Firewall utilises the recycled graphene fibres at a thicker pile to create a fire hot feedback loop. As the body heat warms the graphene fibres they conduct the heat back into the body. This is used on the front, back, thigh and butt to keep your core as warm as possible.

TB4: Increased wear strength and heat retention for shoulders and lower legs, this is the new evolution of Technobutter3, recycled yarns infused with graphene for maximum performance.

Key Features:

Apart from its new material, the Hyperfreak Fire is jam packed with features you are looking for in a premium wetsuit.


The glued- and blindstitched seams feature an exterior fluid seam weld, something that is new to the Hyperfreak series and was previously only part of the Psycho wetsuits. It minimises water getting into your suit, keeping you toasty warm.

Minimal water ingress:

Not only the seams are optimised to let as little water as possible into the wetsuit, drainholes, tapered wrist and ankle seals and the double super-seal collar, all do their bit to keep flush to a minimum.

Minimal seam design:

Experience unrestricted paddling without chafing thanks to the seam-free paddle zones. A great wetsuit is made with the user in mind and one of the things that sets it apart from others is the seam placement. So you won’t find any seams where they could be a hindrance to your enjoyment like the hips or under the arms.

The Verdict:

We love that O’Neill have focused on comfort, longevity and sustainability with the latest evolution of their wetsuit designs. The Hyperfreak Fire is an impressive upgrade of the existing Hyperfreak range, offering the wearer maximum flexibility and warmth. Surfdock’s mission is to offer our customers the very best equipment on the market so you can maximise enjoyment of your time on the water and the Hyperfreak Fire does just that. We think it would make a great choice for anyone spending a lot of time on the water.

Size Advice:

Not sure about which size is right for you? If you are based in Dublin, our team in the store is happy to help you find the perfect fit or you can email with your questions.

Shoulder view of man wearing an O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit

Back view of man wearing an O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit Front view of man wearing an O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit