Introducing the C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

Introducing the C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

We have just received our first delivery of the C-Monsta wetsuit hanger and could not be more impressed.

What it does:

The C-Monsta hanger is designed to have room for your wetsuit, gloves and boots. It has been developed to dry gear faster and reduce the risk of odours building up. Perfect for winter time when you want to be out in the water as much as you can and will appreciate a dry suit!

It comes with a hook so you can hang it up at home as well as on the go, which makes it a great companion for your next road trip.

By drying your wetsuit and accessories properly you’ll extend their lifespan and keep them in better condition.

Made from recycled materials in the UK

Made by a small business in the UK, the hangers are injection molded from recycled plastic and packed in a recycled cardboard box - we love that they are reducing plastic waste! Even the buckles and cardboard box are made in the UK. We get them directly from the makers, so they only have to complete a short trip to Ireland, which lessens their impact on the environment.

The C-Monsta hanger really ticks all the boxes:

  • Recycled materials
  • Produced close by
  • Makes your equipment last longer

See you on the water soon,
Colin & Nina

List of features of the C Monsta wetsuit hanger