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Surfdock is Dublin’s family surf shop. We provide surfers in Ireland with a massive range of surfboards & surfing accessories. Whether you're learning to surf or want to add a fun board to your quiver, you will find the right surfboard for you. Shop all the surfing essentials like wetsuits, leashes, surfwax, bags, and roof racks.

Beginner Surfboards

Looking for your first surfboard but don’t know which one to get? We have curated a selection of surfboards that are ideal for beginner surfers in Ireland. Beginner boards are long and have high volume for stability and balance.  Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, choosing the right beginner surfboard is essential for progressing in the sport quickly.

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Soft Top Surfboards

Also known as foam surfboards, foamies, or softboards, the soft top surfboard is soft to touch as the name suggests. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from longboard to fish boards. Soft top surfboards benefit from being light and easy to paddle. They're also very buoyant, stable, and safe in crowded lineups for beginners. Popular brands are Softech and Catch Surf.

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Longboard Surfboards

Longboarding is all about style and the art of cool. The classic longboard surfboard has been around since the dawn of surfing. Most longboards are around 8ft to 9ft long and will catch nearly every wave. Longboarding is awesome for making swooping turns, stylish noseriding, and “Hanging Ten”.

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Fish Surfboards

Sometimes referred to as fishtail or swallow tail. Most fish surfboards are wider and have higher volume than short boards. Fast, easy to paddle, and more forgiving than shortboards. These features make them ideal for surfers looking for speed and stability down the line. Perfect 2nd or 3rd surfboard for intermediate surfers.

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Surfboard Leash

When you wipe out, the surfboard leash will keep you attached to your board for easy recovery. With our large range of different leash lengths and thicknesses, we have the right leash for the right board for the right surf conditions.

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Surfboard Fins

Lose a fin or looking to upgrade? Whether your surfboard requires FCS fins or Futures Fins, we’ve got you sorted. Choose from affordable or high-performance single longboard fin, thruster fins, or quad-fin setups. 

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Surfboard Traction Pads

Applied to the deck of your Surfboard. Traction pads help keep your foot connected to your board for more grip, more drive, and more speed. Also known as a tail pad here in Ireland, many surfers rely on them for performing aerials and tight cutback turns.

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Surf Wax

Also known as surfboard wax, surf wax is a formulation of synthetic or natural wax. When applied to the top of a surfboard it provides grip while surfing. We stock a range of surf wax including organic wax and the iconic coconut scented Mr Zoggs SexWax.

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Surfboard Bags

Investing in a surfboard bag is essential to protect your board from dings and harmful UV from the sun. At Surfdock, we stock a complete range of sizes to suit all surfboard shapes and sizes.

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Roof Racks

If you don’t have a van or car big enough, a roof rack is required to transport your surfboards. Roof racks come in single or double-sided which can usually carry a max of 3 surfboards on either side. All Roof racks come with strong webbing to secure your surfboard in transit.

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Board Shorts

Everyone loves rocking a pair of boardshorts at the beach. Shop our selection of quick-drying and performance boardshorts for men and women. Perfect for surfing in the hot sun or chillin’ by the water. Choose from Rip Curl, O’Neill, or Billabong boardshorts.

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When surfing in Ireland, you are going to need a wetsuit. While a shorty is fine in warm summer months, a full length 5/4mm is generally recommended all year round. Or choose a hooded wetsuit with gloves and boots for ultimate warmth - essential for surfing big winter swells in the Atlantic.

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Surfboard Repair

Has your pride and joy suffered a ding or deep scratch? Whether it’s a fibreglass, polyester or epoxy surfboard, it may be repairable with our range of surfboard repair kits. A quick fix at home and you will be back on the water in no time.

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