O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit Gear Guide

O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit Gear Guide

Autumn is here and with that it’s time to get your 5mm wetsuit sorted for the colder months ahead. We know it’s not easy to decide which wetsuit to choose, so this post focuses on one of my favourite wetsuits. If you are unsure which wetsuit to get, you can read our blog post for some guidance or email us at shop@surfdock.com with your enquiry.

I have been wearing the O’Neill Hyperfreak in 5/4mm since this Spring and had it out paddleboarding, surfing and also just playing at the beach with the kids when I’m standing in the water while they catch waves. I’m really happy with it.


The Hyperfreak features Technobutter 3 neoprene and if you’re upgrading from a regular neoprene wetsuit you won’t know yourself. Offering super stretch and flexibility this wetsuit is perfect for all your watersports adventures.


For all year round use in Ireland we would recommend the 5/4mm version if you are going to have just one wetsuit. You would have to accessorise it with boots, gloves and a hood when it’s really cold. If you have more than one wetsuit, you could go for a 4/3mm or 3/2mm for warmer days and the 5/4mm or 5/4mm hooded to see you through to the start of deep winter before getting out your 6/4 hooded wetsuit.

Drying Time:

If you leave it somewhere dry and warm(ish), it will dry in no time. There’s a big difference in drying time for Technobutter wetsuits to those with regular neoprene.

Entry system:

The chest zip entry takes a moment to get used to, but once you get the knack, I prefer it to a back zip entry as it gives you maximum flexibility on the back and water can’t get in to your lower back.

Overall the combination of flex, warmth and super fast drying make the O’Neill Hyperfreak one of our favourite wetsuits here at Surfdock.

See you on the water soon,

Kevin Langeree wing foiling in the bay wearing his O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit.