Kids Wetsuits Trade In

Kids Wetsuits Trade-In Scheme

We are very excited to announce or Kids Wetsuits Trade-In Scheme. Now, if you are buying a new wetsuit from us, you will be able to return your previous one and trade it in. 

🏄 Reduces the cost of wetsuits for your children and enables them to be in higher quality, better fitting wetsuits

🌳 Increases the lifespan of kids' wetsuits as they get used more and for longer, lessening their environmental impact

♻️ Avoids landfill, if your wetsuit is too far gone to be worn again, we will send it to our upcycling partners to be repurposed

How does it work?

Bring your washed (in fresh water) and dry kids wetsuit with you to the store when purchasing a new one, together with proof of purchase from us.

A member of our team will assess what condition the wetsuit is in and whether it is good enough to be sold on or whether it is too worn or damaged. This will determine the trade-in value of the wetsuit. If the wetsuit cannot be sold again, we will pass it on to our upcycling partners free of charge.

You will be able to purchase a new wetsuit straight away. Used kids wetsuits can only be traded-in when buying a new, unused kids wetsuit. We don't take in used wetsuits without a new purchase and we don't trade-in wetsuits against the purchase of other items. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Please note: Wet or unwashed wetsuits cannot be accepted for trade-ins and will have to be taken home again. Our staff don't handle wet or unwashed wetsuits and we don't have the capacity to store them. So even if they are in good condition, they cannot be accepted back.

Coming soon: We are working on a system to accept trade-in wetsuit that are posted back so we can expand this scheme to all our customers. Watch this space.

How much is my wetsuit worth?

This will depend on the condition that your wetsuit is in and its original value. Higher value wetsuits will retain value better if in good condition. For example 5mm winter wetsuits bought for €150 can get you back as much as €50 if in very good condition. 

A 3mm summer wetsuit bought for €70 can get you back as much as €25.

Only wetsuits that are undamaged can be accepted for trade-in. If the wetsuit has holes, it cannot be resold, but we can pass it on to our upcycling partners free of charge.

Which wetsuits can be returned?

We accept returns of kids wetsuits that have been bought from us as new, please bring your proof of purchase. For example: 

O'Neill - all kids wetsuits

Rip Curl - all kids wetsuits

ION - Kids Capture

Jobe - Kids Boston

Kids wetsuits are wetsuits with size Youth 1 to Youth 16 or equivalent. If your child has been wearing an adult size wetsuit, which they might have in their teenage years, these don't qualify for returns.

Second-Hand Wetsuits will soon be available

Once the scheme has been running for a while, we expect to have a good selection of second-hand kids wetsuits in store. These will be available both in the shop in Dublin and online and will make high quality wetsuits available at lower prices.