Kids Winter Wetsuits


      Be prepared for the colder days with our range of winter and autumn wetsuits for children. Wetsuits are key to enjoying watersports safely during the colder months of the season (and let's be honest that may be all year round in our climate!).

      A good 5/4mm or 5/3mm thick winter wetsuit for kids will keep them warm and protect your child from wind chill and cold water. They offer extra protection for the core to keep body temperature up when it's cold outside so they can enjoy surfing, swimming, sailing, kayaking and more all year round. 

      Our winter wetsuits for kids are available from size 4 (approx age 4) upwards. 

      It is crucial to get the right fit for your winter wetsuit and we are happy to give you sizing advice or if you are in Dublin you are welcome to come to our store and try on a wetsuit with our expert staff at hand to offer you advice on the best wetsuit and size for you.

      Combine winter wetsuits with the right neoprene accessories like boots, gloves, hoods and thermals.

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