Get suited up - the 2016 O'Neill winter collection is available now!

Is it time for a new wetsuit? Here's the lowdown on the O'Neill 2016 range that has just arrived in store. All our wetsuits are available to order online (size chart), but we do recommend to come to our shop in the Grand Canal Dock and get properly fitted by our team. To get the most out of your wetsuit and extend your time on the water you want the right fit and we are always happy to help with that. So with out further ado here is the Winter 2016 lineup from O'Neill:

Epic 5/4 (available for Men, Women and Youth)

O'Neill Mens Epic 5/4 2016 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4O'Neill Womens Epic 5/4 2016 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

The O'Neill Epic is a long term favourite in the range and a great choice for all watersports! It is made with 100% Ultraflex Neoprene, double seal neck closure and lumbar seamless design (LSD). The Epic's firewall covers your chest and back and offers extra warmth for your core. 

If you are looking for a great value suit that has you covered for all adventures on the water, the Epic is the perfect choice for you.

Price: €113 Youth, €190 Men and Women

Psycho 1 5/4 (Men, Women)

O'Neill Mens Psycho 1 5/4 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

This wetsuit was made with surfers in mind! Its minimal seam design and strategic seamless paddle zones set the Psycho 1 apart. Built with super gooey Technobutter 2, this wetsuit is made from the stretchiest and warmest neoprene on the market and thanks to the single fluid seam weld, water penetration is kept to a minimum. The patented ZEN zip closure system is a feature of all high-end back entry wetsuits in the O'Neill range and stops water ingress into the back.

Technobutter 2 neoprene is quick dry, so if you want to get out today, tomorrow and the day after without putting on a dripping wet wetsuit check out the Psycho 1. Although this is no guarantee that your suit will be bone dry over night, it will definitely dry quicker than other wetsuits on the market (if you don't leave it in the boot!). To make sure your suit is 100% dry over night, check out this neat product that we sell - Hangair

Price: €300

Mutant 5/4 with detachable hood (Youth, Men)

O'Neill Mutant 5/4 with detachable hood | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4O'Neill Mutant detachable hood | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

This wetsuit is a longstanding favourite in the range thanks to its versatility! With or without hood, the Mutant's UltraFlex DS neoprene and UltraFlex Firewall will bring you flexibility and warmth. The Mutant sports the same single fluid seam weld as the Psycho 1 and like all O'Neill wetsuits has plasma wrist and ankle seals.

As Autumn moves into Winter simply swap the regular neck piece for the hooded version  and hey presto you have yourself a deep winter suit with integrated hood.

Price: €320 Adults

New to the range for 2016: Psychotech 5/4 (Men, Women) or 6/4 with hood (Men, Women)

O'Neill Mens Psychotech 6/4 with hood | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4O'Neill Mens Psychotech 5/4 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

The Psychotech is a combination of O'Neill's best known features with plenty of new ones to give you the maximum in warmth and flexibility this winter! TechnoButter 2 neoprene with TechnoButter 2-Air Firewall insulation, Single Fluid Seam Weld and a F.U.Z.E. Closure Sytem. Warmer, more insulating and faster drying with improved ease of entry, 20% lighter with 30% less water absorption.

The Psychotech hooded 6/4 takes everything to the next level and is hands down the best deep winter wetsuit on the market. All this warmth comes with incredible stretch that would give some brands 3/2s a run for their money. So if you still plan to be surfing on days when their is snow on the ground and the rock pools are frozen over this is the suit to go for.

Price: €340 (5/4) / €400 (6/4 with hood)

Psychofreak 5/4 (Men, Women)

O'Neill Mens Psychofreak 5/4 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4O'Neill Womens Psychofreak 5/4 | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

A combination of the Psycho 3 and Psychofreak of the past, this is your high-end back zip wetsuit in the O'Neill range. It has many of the same features as the Psychotech, like TechnoButter 2 neoprene and TechnoButter 2-Air Firewall insulation it has a few features that set it apart from all other suits in the range. The seams are made with double superseam weld on the inside and out and the firewall insulation doesn't just cover your chest and back, it goes right down your legs to your calves. Zen zip closure system at the back.

If you are looking for the lightest, stretchiest, fastest-drying wetsuit on the market - then the Psychofreak is the suit for you! 

Price: €420


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