Tauchen Sie mit einem lustigen Bodyboard in die aufregende Welt des Surfens ein. Wählen Sie aus einem vielfältigen Sortiment hochwertiger Boards, die für Kinder und Erwachsene gleichermaßen geeignet sind. Bodyboards wie das Jobe Dipper sind mit allem ausgestattet, was Sie für den Einstieg benötigen. Wir führen auch Pro-Boards, Flossen, Leashes und Plugs für fortgeschrittenere Bodyboarder.

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      Bodyboard FAQ

      Find answers to commonly asked questions about buying a bodyboard.

      Like a surfboard, the right bodyboard for you depends on your height and weight. Each of our bodyboards has recommended size chart on the product page.

      As a rule of thumb, your bodyboard should roughly reach from your knees up to your chin when held out in front of you.

      Beginner Bodyboards: For example for a child up to 140cm and 50kg, a 37in bodyboard is a good choice. For older children/teenagers up to 160cm and 60kg, a 39in board works well. For adults and teenagers up to 180cm and 95kg approx a 42in bodyboard is a good size.

      For those taking bodyboarding to the next level with more advanced bodyboards, the size breaks become more detailed and the size chart can be found on the product page.

      Bodyboarding is the name of the sport while a Boogie board was the name of a product from Moray Bodyboards. It was catchy so became synonymous with bodyboarding.

      We have a comprehensive amount of bodyboards in stock. All of our bodyboards are available to buy in our watersports shop in Dublin. Alternatively you can order online for click and collect, or for delivery anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately we cannot ship bodyboards outside of Ireland at this time.