Plan your winter escape - Our checklist to get ready for the water in sunnier climes

Plan your winter escape - Our checklist to get ready for the water in sunnier climes

With yet another storm upon us right now, this is the perfect time to plan a winter escape to sunnier climes and the dream of sunshine and turquoise water. Whether you are going on your own or with the whole family, we've got you covered. Many destinations won't have any of the essential supplies you need for spending time on or in the water so it's important to get ready in advance. Here is our check list to make sure you don't forget anything crucial:

1. Sun Screen - water resistant obviously. We love the Swox brand and find it gives amazing protection even when getting washed around in the surf. 

2. Rash Vest / UV Protection Tops - All our O'Neill Skins have 50+ SPF as standard and we have a full range of stock from baby onesies to adult sizes. 

Toddlers / Babies




3. Shorty or 3/2 Full Wetsuits - While it is easy enough to find watersports centres at holiday destinations to rent a paddleboard, kite or surf board,  good quality wetsuits are often not available. For children it can often make a big difference to have that extra bit of warmth to encourage them in to the water - even in a hot climate. A shorty or full length wetsuit can be a worthwhile purchase before you go and offer sun protection too. 

4. For all you surfers  - who wants to arrive at 6ft tropical perfection only to find you don’t have a fin key. Pack this in advance! We love the FCS ratchet tool. A Phix Doctor Repair Kit is also a really useful bit of kit for repairs on the road. 

5. Waterproof Key and Phone Pouch - Peace of mind when you are going in the water. Bring your phone and keys with you in one of our watersproof pouches.

Amphibia Waterproof Phone Pouch

Mystic Dry Pocket with armstrap

6. Sunglasses - Jobe have the perfect floating sunglasses that you can wear while out paddleboarding or at the beach, on a boat etc. If that is not your style then why not combine floating Croakies with your favourite pair of O'Neill sunglasses

7. If you are bringing kids, think about whether they might need life jackets or buoyancy aids for the activities you have planned - they are not always available when you get there . Here are some we recommend

Jobe Progress Vest Youth

Jobe Comfort Boating Vest

Typhoon Yalu Buoyancy Aid


Best of all, use SUN18 to get 10% off any of the products mentioned in this blog post. Valid until 28/02/2019.

The only thing we don't have in stock are buckets and spades!