Essential 6 gadgets for surfing road trips


It's that time of year - swell and wind are kicking in (hopefully!) and you'll try to get to your favourite surf-, windsurf-, kite-spot as often as you can. Before you hit the road, check out our top 6 gadgets that will come in handy on your journey. (Photo via

1. Soft Roof Rack

 North core Soft Roof Rack | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Want to bring your own boards (and those of your friends)? No worries, with the Northcore Single and Double soft roof racks you can bring plenty of gear, all on the roof of the smallest car. No need for roof rack bars, the soft roof racks come with everything you need, pads and straps included. Shop now


2. Board Bag or Board Sock

Northcore Board Bag | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Wrap your board up tight to keep it safe while you travel. Board bags are great when it's travelling on your roof. A board sock is a great alternative if you have the board in your car and mostly want to protect your seats from wax and sand. Shop now


3.  Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger

Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Hang your wetsuit up on your car and let it dry before you head back. This is a great little gadget to have, the magnetic hook attaches to your car and your wetsuit can start drip drying while you stand at the shore with your mates reminiscing about the day's adventures. Shop now


4. Amphibia Dry Mat

Amphibia Dry Mat | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Getting changed on the side of the car / van / at the beach or anywhere else really becomes that bit easier if you don't have to stand on cold, wet and dirty rocks/roads/sand etc. This compact dry mat will fit into the smallest space while you don't use it and comes in super handy when it's time to change in and out of your wetsuit. Shop now


5. Keypod

Keypod | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Keep your car key safe while on the water and lock it up in a keypod. It attaches to your wheels and is closed with a number lock. Beats hiding the key under your tire for sure! Shop now


6. Session Saver

 Session Saver Ding Repair | Surfdock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4

Emergency ding repair kit - you should always have some with you, especially on a trip where you are miles away from any surf shop. You'll be able to fix small dings yourself quickly without missing any of the great conditions because your board is out of action. Shop now