A young boy wearing a blue and black O'Neill Wetsuit ready to go surfing.

Kids Wetsuits

Wetsuits for Surfing, Swimming & All Watersports

Wetsuits help protect children when they are having fun in the water. Whether learning to surf or swim, they provide thermal insulation to help protect from cold water. It’s recommended your kids wear one all year round and in all conditions, especially in the sea, rivers or lakes.

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      Wetsuit Guide for Children aged 1-16 Years Old

      Surfdock has a complete selection of wetsuits for babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers. Wetsuits help protect children when they are active in the sea, lake or river. We recommend kids wear a wetsuit in the water all year round. So they stay comfortable and warm in all conditions. If you need help deciding which wetsuit to buy for your children, check out our How to Choose a Wetsuit guide. Or contact us today and our expert team will help you pick the right one.

      Kids Summer Wetsuits

      Summer Wetsuits are great for warmer days or holidays in warmer climates - choose from a shorty or full length wetsuit. Kids prefer to have their own wetsuits to enjoy sports like stand up paddle boarding, surfing or kayaking. With the right wetsuits, children will spend more time in the water and have more fun.

      Kids Full-Length 3mm Wetsuits

      Keep the kids in the water longer with full-length summer wetsuits. Surfdock have a range of 3/2mm wetsuits for summer. O'Neill, Billabong and Rip Curl have a selection of kids full-length wetsuits for surfing and swimming. Wetsuits also protect from the sun and wind chill and a well fitting, comfortable wetsuit is the best way to keep children active in the water.

      Kids Shorty Wetsuits

      When it's hot outside, a shorty wetsuit provides flexibility and is easy to put on and off while keeping the core warm. Shorties provide some warmth in the sea but are not overly warm on the beach, allowing them to be worn all day. A shorty is perfect for kids to play on the beach because they feature SPF50+. They don't take up much space in your luggage and are perfect to take on holidays abroad.

      Baby and Toddler Wetsuits

      Colourful and ready for a splash. Easily spot your toddler with bright coloured shorty and full-length toddler wetsuits from O'Neill. Made for beach babies, splashing around at home or on sun holidays.

      Kids Summer Wetsuit Accessories

      Make your day at the beach a success with the right accessories to complement the kids summer wetsuit. Water shoes and boots are essential for little and big kids. Poncho towels make getting changed a breeze. If you don't need a wetsuit, choose an O'Neill or Rip Curl rash vest for UV protection.

      Kids Winter Wetsuits

      Kids will have the best time in the water with a winter wetsuit when water and air temperatures are dropping. Made for the coldest months, 5/4mm and 5/3mm wetsuits are also great to stay in the water longer in the summer in Ireland. They offer extra core protection to keep the body temperature up and protect from wind chill and cold water. Kids winter wetsuits are popular in Northern Europe for year round surfing. It is crucial to get the right fit, contact our team for advice if you are not sure which size to get.

      Kids Full-Length 5mm Wetsuits

      Full-length wetsuits in 5/4mm or 5/3mm thickness are essential for watersports adventurers to enjoy their time in the water in the colder months. Whether they are surfing, sailing, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, a 5mm full-length wetsuit gives them the best protection against the cold. Available from most brands for ages 4 and up.

      Kids Hooded Wetsuits

      If your child is serious about their surfing and loves to catch waves during the coldest days of winter, a hooded wetsuit will equip them best. Kids' hooded wetsuits seamlessly protect the head from cold wind and water

      Kids Winter Wetsuit Accessories

      Combine winter wetsuits with the right neoprene accessories like boots, gloves and a hood. Young surfers will appreciate the extra warmth for their hands and feet. A hood and thermals will keep them extra toasty when it is bitterly cold.