How to pick the right towel changing robe

How to pick the right towel changing robe

How to choose the right towel changing robe for you (or the person you’re gifting it to)

We now have a huge selection of changing robes and often the choice can feel quite overwhelming, so we’ve put together the pros and cons of our bestselling models to make the choice a little easier for you.

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Northcore Beach Basha

Northcore Beach Basha

from €32

For a long time now this has been our Number 1 bestselling changing robe, for the obvious reasons: It does an excellent job at keeping your modesty intact and dries you really well because it’s made from 100% cotton. The material feels very cosy and thick - which is great if you’re not trying to squeeze it into your suitcase! 

Another great upside is the price, starting from €32 for the kids size and €40 for the adult version this is our best value changing robe. The models featuring the stripy design are a little more lightweight because they are made from a thinner towelling fabric.

The downside would be that it doesn’t have any sleeves (although it has wide shoulders), so if you would like a changing robe that offers that, the Dryrobe ones might be a better choice.

Beach Bashas come as one size fits all for adults and in a kids version.

✔︎ super soft cotton towel

✔︎ great value price

✔︎ excellent drying properties

✖︎ sleeveless design (which you may or may not you see as a negative)

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Dryrobe Towelling Robes

Dryrobe Towelling Robes

from €42

This is one that has it all: Luxurious 100% cotton material and long sleeves to make you feel extra cosy when you come out of the water. On the downside that means, you won’t fit it into a small bag, the Dryrobe Towelling Robe wouldn’t be my choice to take with me on a flight for example. Comes in three sizes from small (children) to Large. We love the 6 colours on offer, so there’s bound to be one for everyone.

✔︎ luxurious, thick cotton towel that dries really well

✔︎ 6 great colours to choose from

✔︎ long sleeves that help keep your modesty intact

✖︎ not great for travelling as bulky

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Mystic Ponchos

Mystic Ponchos

from €35

The whole range of Mystic ponchos comes in great designs with colour block prints and patterns so they are definitely the most unique looking ones in our range. They are extremely lightweight as they are made from 100% Polyester which is great when you use your towel when travelling as it packs up smaller than most of the others. The hood comes with strings to tighten in the wind and most models have a big pocket attached, something other models don’t feature. On the downside, they lack the luxurious feel of a cotton changing robe and absorb less water. 

Mystic Ponchos come as one size fits all for adults, a junior version for kids and a toddler sized one. 

Great if you’re looking for one to take with you on a plane and definitely if you like an interesting design and an extra pocket.

✔︎ add-ons like pockets and drawstrings in the hood to increase functionality

✔︎ lightweight towel, great for travelling as it packs up small

✔︎ lots of designs to choose from

✖︎ lacks luxurious feel due to polyester material

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